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Interview with Meghan Lynch Photography

Supporting small businesses and independent creators is one of the most important ways we can foster our community during these difficult times. That’s why we wanted to feature one of our favorite local businesses this week on our blog! Meghan Lynch is a local wedding photographer who specializes in destination wedding photography. Her work has taken her to some amazing places, and she’s photographed over 100 weddings, from large, extravagant ceremonies to the smallest, most intimate elopements. We sat down with her to ask her a few questions about how she got her start in the business.

1.) How did you get started with your photography business? For starters I’ve forever been the girl with the camera. Whether in my friend group growing up or at school dances I would always be going around taking photos. Then the summer before my senior year of college one of my professors recommended me for an internship with a wedding videographer. Although I had a blast that wedding season, in my mind I always secretly wanted to be taking photographs of those special moments. After graduating I switched over to wedding photography completely and haven’t looked back since. Today I’ve photographed over 100 weddings both big and small all over the United States and in Europe. 2.) Tell us about photographing destination weddings. What's your favorite place you've traveled to for work? I am someone who constantly loves being on the move and exploring new places any chance I can get. As a destination wedding photographer, it means although I do take work in and around historic Boston where I’m based, most of the time I am working out of state in New England, in the south, or overseas. For me personally, I am happiest when I am traveling and immersing myself in a new culture. For destination weddings, my couples know that I’ve got all the best suitcases to safely travel with my gear and know that I’ve traveled extensively on my own -so I’m no stranger to jet lag or navigating a new transportation system! A lot of times my couples are true travel enthusiasts themselves so they think why not celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives in a location that brings them ultimate joy. This unique and special spot can be someplace local to them like Cape Cod or it can be under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You know that extreme high you get when exploring someplace new or standing amongst a mountain view that could honestly make you cry? I love to bottle up that feeling and include marrying your best friend. I always want my couples to feel stress free and love an area as much as me so I love telling them traditional foods to try and all the best things to do (all approved by locals)! My favorite place I’ve traveled for work has been photographing a destination wedding in Switzerland. We started the first part of their wedding day in Old City Bern and then headed to Castle Koniz for their reception with all their family and friends!

3.) Where do you find inspiration?

I owe a lot to the amazing photographers I’ve second shot with over the years for honing in on my classic and photojournalistic photography style today! Otherwise I love flipping through fashion magazines, travel magazines like Condé Nast Traveler, and admiring work from photographers outside of the wedding field like Jimmy Chin.

4.) What is the hardest part about having your own business? What is the best part?

The hardest part about having my own business is not having any co-workers since I’m a total people person! The best part about running a destination wedding photography business is I get to be creative every day, travel the world, and capture the memories of the sweetest and most inspiring couples.

5.) How can people book you?

I specialize in photographing couples so you can book me for your engagement session, adventure session, elopement, or wedding. The best way to inquire with me is to fill out the contact form on my website so I’ve got all your important details. Then if I’ve got the date free we can hop on a call to chat!

6.) Any message for people looking to get started in the photography world? Rent gear before buying, find your local city or state photography FB groups (typically you’d type in something like Boston wedding photographers, New England wedding photographers, etc) to network, and join your local Tuesdays Together chapter of the Rising Tide Society. Google the photographers local to where you live and go through about 30 sites. Find the photographers whose photos you’d love to be able to shoot like one day and email those asking if you can assist or intern with them for free. That way you get to learn from the best and someone who is the position you’d love to be in one day!

You can find Meghan here:


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