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What to wear to a wedding?

It seems like such a task when determining what to wear to someone's wedding. You don't want to over dress and you most definitely don't want to under dress. So how do you find out the best outfit to wear to the special occasion?

Most couples will list the dress code on their invites or wedding websites to give you an idea of what to wear. If not, do not be afraid to ask. The following image posted by Brides Magazine and taken by Jessica Olah, is a perfect depiction of the several dress codes you may encounter.

This is only a guideline but it will help you determine whether that silky slip dress will work for the wedding you're attending or not.

When in doubt ladies stick to solid colors vs patterned fabrics. This goes without saying but avoid wearing white or a light champagne color that may match the brides color. I have seen where couples have requested their guests to wear all white and that is ok. It's always ok if it's specified by the couple. Length of dress doesn't matter as much unless specified.

If you're not into dresses, look into jumpsuits or a tailored suit.

For the gentlemen, a suit will always look great for any wedding. If you like to be more casual you don't have to wear the jacket or the tie if you don't want to. Sometimes a good pair of slacks and a white button up is all you need.


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