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How to Measure Yourself for a Dress

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Ordering online can be tough if you don't know what size you fall under or what your measurements are. Here are a few easy steps to measuring yourself:

Step 1. Make sure your wearing just your undergarments for the most accurate measurements

Step 2. Wear shoes with the correct heel height for Hemline measurement

Most comfortable heights will be between 2-3.5"

Step 3. Find your soft measuring tape and stand up straight with feet width apart

Step 4. Take the following measurements:

Bust- measure the fullest part of your bust-line, make sure you are wearing little padding on your bra to none

Waist- the waist measurement tends to be above your belly button and the smallest part of your waist-line. little trick to know where to find the smallest part is if you bend to the side, right where it pinches in is your natural waistline.

Hip- Measure the widest part of your hip and buttocks

Step 5. Measure your Hemline. You will need help for this one, place tap on hollow of neck and measure to the ground while standing straight.

Now you're ready to go! Check out the gowns we have to offer on and let us know how we can better help with fit. If you are unsure how the gown will fit you, contact us to schedule a virtual fitting!

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