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Bra Size Guide

Did you know that 85% of women wear the wrong bra size? It may be surprising, but it’s true! More often than not, they don’t realize that their bra size is wrong, and simply believe it’s supposed to fit that way. By finding your best fit, you can feel confident in any outfit. So how do you go about finding your perfect bra size? It’s pretty easy.

Step 1. Finding Your Band Size

• Wrap a tape measure around your back, so the opening is in the front. Position the tape measure just above your bust, under your arms. Make sure the tape measure lays flat, and keep both of your elbows down.

• Take your measurement. Make sure the tape measure is not wrapped too tight, or too loose.

• You want your measurement to be an even number. If it is not, round to the nearest even number based off the type of fit you want. For example, if you measured a 33, and want a tighter fit, you would round down to a 32. If you want a looser fit, you would round up to a 34.

• That number is your band size.

Step 2. Finding Your Bust Size

Once again, place the tape measure under your arms and wrap it around your back, with the opening in the front. Keep your elbows down. The tape measure needs to be wrapped around the fullest part of your bust.

• This number is your bust size.

Step 3. Finding Your Cup Size

Bust – Band = Cup. Subtract your band size from your bust size.

• Use the chart below to determine your cup size. The larger the difference, the larger your cup size.

• For example, if you had a 3” difference, your cup size is a C. Let’s say your band size was a 34. Then, your ideal bra size is a 34C.

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