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Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding

With summer steadily approaching, it’s time to look toward warmer days. Today, we’re offering a few tips to all of our upcoming summer brides! Everyone knows that summer is one of the most popular times to tie the knot. But with so many couples saying “I Do” in such a short amount of time, how do you make your wedding stand out amongst the others?

It’s not hard to make your big day unforgettable, and it doesn’t require a limitless budget! From keeping guests cool in the summer heat, to choosing the perfect food and drinks, we narrowed down just 5 simple things that will help you host the ultimate summer wedding.

1.) Ensure you have some shaded décor.

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In the heat of the summer, you want to make sure your guests stay cool! Think, a tent for dinner, or maybe some umbrella covered seating at the reception. This will ensure your guests are staying out of the sun and having fun.

2.) Choose refreshing cocktails to serve to your guests.

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Let’s face it, your guests aren’t going to want to sip on a glass of red wine if they’re sitting in the hot sun all day! Think something light and refreshing. Maybe a spin on a classic sangria or a vodka soda with a twist. You can even include a fun summery mocktail for those who won’t be drinking.

3.) Pick a fresh color palette.

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Pick light and airy tones for that perfect summer vibe. Pair the color white with a pop of pastels, or bold colors like blue and purple. Make sure that the colors you choose work well with your location and skip heavy, warm tones.

4.) Choose Airy Fabrics

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You want people in your wedding party to be comfortable, especially if it ends up being hot outside on your big day. Pick bridesmaid dresses that allow your bridesmaids to breathe, so opt for lighter, flowing fabrics.

5.) Add a fun twist with an ice cream station.

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What screams summer more than a cold ice cream on a scorching hot day? Have your caterer create a summery dessert station with fun treats like popsicles or ice cream. Or put a fun twist on a classic with some alcohol-spiked shaved ice!

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