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Interview with local fashion designer Ella Tamagni

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Supporting small businesses and independent creators is one of the most important ways we can foster our community during these difficult times. That’s why we wanted to feature a local fashion designer this week on our blog! Ella Tamagni is a designer and bridal consultant here in Boston. A recent college graduate, Ella is pursuing a career in fashion design, and in the meantime she is working on an Etsy shop where she’ll sell bridal masks and more! You can find her work on her Etsy or her Instagram.

Q: When did you first learn how to sew?

A: I first learned how to sew pretty young, maybe 5 years old. My mom is a quilter and taught me when I was young and I started making clothes for my barbie dolls and tiny quilts for my stuffed animals. As time has gone on I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable with it and gotten a lot faster, which is good.

Q: What was your inspiration behind sewing bridal masks, and masks in general?

A: Once I realized that masks were here to stay, I thought, why not make them fashionable? Lots of people are having micro-weddings at the moment and nothing reflects the times more than wearing a handmade bridal mask at your micro-wedding.

Q:How long does it take you to sew one single mask?

A: It takes me about 30 minutes to make one single mask, however, if I make them in bulk I can make about 10 in 1-2 hours. It really depends on how focused I am and how much I want to get done in one sitting!

Q: Where can people purchase a mask from you?

A: There are some masks listed on my Etsy shop as well as my Instagram. There are some exciting new additions coming to my shop as well!

Q: What’s the price of a mask made by you?

Regular cotton masks I sell for about $10-$15, and specialty masks (with nose wire, lace, beading, etc. I sell for $15-20).

Q: Do you plan on selling any other products or accessories?

A: I am also a fashion designer so I make custom clothing as well as masks. I am planning on adding some clothing from past runway collections and accessories to my Etsy such as wallets, hats, and home accessories!

Stay tuned for more exciting new stuff from Ella on her Etsy and Instagram!

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