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Interview with local DJ Deejay Mot

Supporting small businesses and independent creators is one of the most important ways we can foster our community during these difficult times. That’s why we wanted to feature one of our favorite local businesses this week on our blog! Deejay Mot events is a mobile entertainment company servicing all of New England. They provide various services, including emcee services for events, and DJ services with custom music for your event and guests. We sat down to talk with Deejay Mot himself and ask him a few questions about how he got his start in the business. You can find his website at!

1.) How did you get your start as a DJ? 

I started by buying a basic DJ mixdeck because I just purchased a home and I had the intention of hosting parties- so I wanted my own equipment. A week later, my friend asked me to play at his NYE party. I didn't really know what I was doing but I figured it out and it was a blast! A couple months later I found myself DJing at Savvor restaurant, which had recently opened on Friday nights. I continued to learn on the go. Late night conversations with the owner made me realize that I could do this as a business!

2.) What's your favorite type of event to DJ at and why? 

I have to say my favorite is a destination wedding! I enjoy destination weddings because it's a vacation and I enjoy traveling. It's a ton of fun and doesn't even feel like I'm working. 

3.) What's your favorite song to play when you're DJ'ing? 

I don't have a favorite song because my motto is "it's all about the people" so whatever song the people are really enjoying at the time is my favorite. 

4.) How can people book you for their events? 

They can submit an inquiry at 

5.) Any advice for people who are looking to get into DJ'ing? 

Don't wait for anything to be perfect, even the greatest are still learning. You will get better everytime you DJ! 

You can book Deejay Mot at Follow him on social media @deejayMot and Facebook @DeejayMot617!

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