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Great odin's raven! The anchorman tough tie is cannonballing into the news everywhere. This burgundy tie gives you the confidence to be the center of attention so that everyone will want to come see how good you look in it. You're kind of a big deal. People know you. You'll easily accomplish and master anything you put your mind to. And they've done studies you know. 60% of the time, tough ties work every time. No one will ever be thinking that you got your tie at the toilet store.

Now when its a hot summer day and you're spilling milk on your tough tie thinking how bad of a choice milk was, there's no need to worry! This burgundy tie, unlike all others, is liquid and stain repellent so it'll repel milk like you repel bad hair days. And when people throw burritos out their cars at you, don't fret! The anchorman is also machine washable so nothing will ruin your look. So just remember, you stay classy, you handsome devil.

Anchorman - burgundy tie - tough apparel.

Anchorman Tie

Color: Burgundy
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